Mini Incision Face Lift at the Gateway Aesthetic Institute

The Mini Incision Face Lift (also called a Minimal Incision Face Lift or a Weekend Face Lift), is a minimally invasive procedure with fewer and smaller incisions than a traditional face lift. It is performed under local anesthesia, rather than general anesthesia.

The mini face lift targets areas of the face most prone to the signs of aging (sagging and wrinkled skin), without the time, expense and recovery of traditional face lift surgery.

The results, while perhaps not quite as dramatic as a traditional face lift, also avoid the pulled-back, or stretched look that can sometimes result from a traditional face lift procedure.

The mini incision face lift is especially attractive for those with specific facial enhancement needs or those patients with busy lives who want to keep their youthful look but aren't willing to wait until they really need a full face lift.

Mini Incision Fact SheetFor additional information, click for our Fact Sheet.