Vanquish Treatments at Gateway Aesthetic


Have you heard about Vanquish but aren't sure what the buzz in about?

Vanquish is a patented treatment that uses radio waves to eliminate unwanted fat without damaging the surrounding skin. It’s noninvasive, non-contact and there is no pain and no downtime. It works by using radiofrequency waves to gently warm the abdomen fat layer, killing unwanted fat cells. The elimination of fat cells decreases the thickness of the fat layer in the treated area.

Vanquish has been labeled a breakthrough by many industry experts, as it destroys fat cells without even touching the skin. It’s a technology that was cleared by the FDA for deep-tissue heating.

A Vanquish treatment session lasts for approximately 30 minutes and a total of four sessions, one week apart, are recommended. While individual results may vary, patients in a clinical study in Europe reported an improvement in their waistline as soon as 2 weeks following the last (fourth) treatment.

What areas of the body can be treated with Vanquish? Generally it’s used on the abdomen area to reduce the size of the tummy and love handles. However, the machine’s panel can also be adjusted to treat the back of the waist. In the future, it’s likely that new applicators will also allow treatment of the arms and inner thighs.

Who are good candidates? Adults, in good physical shape, who do not want to undergo surgery. It works best if you are already physically active and follow a healthy diet.

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